You Tiao Man

Finally we can have You Tiao at home conveniently from the frozen range from You Tiao Man. The business started out as a humble hawker in the 1940s, and in recent years Audrey has taken over and transformed it to a food manufacturing approach.

Today they are one of the largest wholesalers of You Tiao to hotels, caterers, restaurants, food courts and hawkers in Singapore. It's great that heritage, traditions and classic great taste are preserved.

There's no deep frying required - simply pop these lovely You Tiaos into the oven, toaster or air-fryer for 5 minutes. You will get some You Tiaos that are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside!  

You Tiao Man’s frozen You Tiao range consist of 5 traditional and innovative flavours and include:

* Traditional You Tiao ($4.95 for 6 pieces) - classic great taste using heritage recipe

* Sotong You Tiao ($6.85 for 12 pieces) - each piece is filled with generous amounts of creamy sotong paste and topped with aromatic sesame seeds

* Otah Charcoal You Tiao ($6.85 for 12 pieces) – the crunchy Charcoal You Tiao is filled with a spicy fragrant otah paste - an ultimate fusion of crunch and spice

* Charcoal You Tiao Mini ($4.95 for 6 pieces) - Reinventing tradition You Tiao! Awesome taste and perfect for plating your recipes

* Wholegrain You Tiao Mini ($4.95 for 6 pieces) – Awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol by Health Promotion Board and perfect for the health conscious.

The You Tiaos are Halal-certified and have a shelf life of up to eight months. They are also in a smaller cut and would fit your household appliances easily. My favourite is otah You Tiao as the chewy and spicy filling goes so well with the crispy exterior. Can’t wait to pair plain you tiao with soya bean milk! 

You can grab these easy-to-prep and yummy You Tiaos at all FairPrice Finest (Finestfoodsg) branches or on You Tiao Man’s online store (!

From now till February 2022, You Tiao Man is also working with Mayerspore to give away $3,100 worth of appliances! Every $10 spent on You Tiao Man’s online store and all major online retail outlets would automatically qualify you to win the Mayer prizes!

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