Sourdough Bakes (Witty Wheat food review)

Every Sourdough bake from Witty Wheat is handmade, naturally fermented and bake to order. Their sourdough breads and pastries are naturally leavened with a sourdough starter, and finest ingredients. I had tried their Sourdough Cookies and Sourdough Bread.

Sourdough cookies

Their NYC style cookies are big, bold and gooey. Every cookie is hand-made and bake-to-order to ensure that you only get the freshest from their oven. 

The combination of crumbly crust, moist interior and faint sourness is brilliant.

These sourdough cookies had went through least 24 hours of natural fermentation. There's a subtle sourdough character to each cookie. I love how each of them has a generous amount of ingredients. The interior texture is moist and crumbly, while the edges are crispy. Don't worry that they may be sour. In fact, it balances off the sweetnes perfectly so the cookies don't come across as sour or sweet.

The sour notes in cookies only come as an aftertaste for those with mild flavors. My favorite flavors are Dark Chocolate and Matcha.There are other flavours such as Oatmeal raisin, Cookies and cream, Double chocolate oatmeal, Dark chocolate chip, Cranberry white chocolate, Matcha white chocolate and Classic chocolate chip.

Sourdough bread

The bread is naturally leavened bread from their starter then mixed with a blend of premium French and Italian wheat and grains. There's no added preservatives, eggs, dairy (except in cheese bread), sugar, additives and colouring.

Their Cheese Garlic Sourdough Bread is very fragrant and savory. The bread went through long hours of natural fermentation, before being baked to perfection. I love the tangy notes of the bread. Paired with herbs, cheese and garlic, it makes the sourdough bread extra yummy. You don't necessarily need other ingredients such as avocado or egg to go along with it. The bread smells so good as the aroma of the cheese and herbs is very prominent.

Spot the golden brown crust, that gives the bread a good amount of crunch! It's incredible that the strong smell of garlic could be well-hidden beneath the aroma of herbs and cheese! The artisan sourdough bread is baked with cheddar cheese from New Zealand, making it so cheesy, savory and wholesome. I love the strong flavors which is bursting from within.

You could probably spot the black specks of herbs which are finely grinded. Great to consume the bread on the day itself, to retain the moist and chewy interior.The savory notes are balanced with a gentle hint of pleasant acidity. In case you are wondering how the the strong scent of garlic is masked up so well, Vincent thoughtfully roasted the garlic until it is tender in order to remove the sharp pungent taste. Then, he blends them into a smooth cream of dark gold. That's why the bread has a mild aroma of garlic that isn't too overwhelming.

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