Tze Char King Food Review

I have been eating Tze Char since young. It's usually with a few people so we could order more dishes to pair with rice. Love the typical dishes such as prawn paste chicken, crab, sambal kang kong and coffee pork! 

Tze Char King delivers their yummy dishes conveniently to our doorstep. Ordering from their website is a breeze. There’s free delivery if your orders hit $100, which is relatively easy to hit it for 4 pax. There’s a variety of hot favourites in their website. The mouthwatering dishes include Sri Lankan Crabs of AAA grade too. Glad that they take pride in their food and use fresh ingredients only. Sri Lankan crabs are naturally sourced, with no ammonia smell, and taste better. 

Most importantly, the dishes came piping hot and are packed thoughtfully. It’s so easy to have a delicious Tze char meal even without stepping out of the house. Quality of the food is outstanding and definitely worth the repurchases. There’s so many dishes to choose from. In case of decision paralysis, Tze Char King has set meals comprising of signature dishes so making orders will be swift. They currently have 2 set meals on sale. 

Basic set meal ($88)

This is the set which I ordered and each dish is so delicious! I love crabs so this set meal is so fitting. All of them are Chef’s recommendations too! Each item can be upsized to a larger portion as well. I had upsized the Coffee Pork Ribs to Large and thankfully I did, as it is incredibly delicious.

Their Chilli Crab taste so fresh and have a natural sweetness to it. Although it is 600/700g. It is surprisingly meaty. Also, the flesh comes off easily. I love their chilli crab sauce which is spicy and sweet, recommend to get toasted bread to polish off the sauce. 

I always love to order homemade Tofu as I enjoy the pairing of the slightly crispy exterior and silky interior of it. Cai Po beancurd from Tze Char King is a good order! Although it is deep-fried, the softness of the beancurd is still maintained perfectly. The saltiness of dried radish pairs well with the savoury tofu.

A must order would be their Coffee Pork Ribs. It is extremely fragrant. From grinding of coffee beans to adding of sweetener to marinating the pork ribs, they are done by hand! Each tender pork ribs is generously coated in the sweet caffeinated marinate. It might be possibly a tad too sweet, but delicious. One of the best coffee pork ribs I tried so far. 

Usually, I have white rice with Tze Char dishes. Glad to have Fried Rice which is so flavorful and delicious. The soy sauce marinate is good! Simply fried with jasmine rice, some char siu and eggs to bind it all together! 

There’s another set meal ($138), for 5 – 6pax! They accept orders up to 30 days in advance! Same day delivery is available too. For orders below S$100, a standard delivery fee of $8 applies. It's the only Tze Char shop that operates online only, with such good experience provided.

Use code "SF10" for 10% off!

Instagram: Tze Char King

Facebook: Tze Char King

Website: Tze Char King

Contact number: 65 8946 2308

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