Desserts from Tartzan Bakery (Food Review)

I was so surprised by flavor profile of the tarts from Tartzan Bakery. Turns how that Hui Xuan (founder) is actually a pro-baker. She started her home-based business with a focus on gourmet tarts since June 2020.

Her tarts are thoughtfully crafted. I couldn't help savouring each tart as they are stellar in taste and presentation. They are definitely worth every bit of the calories.

I always look out for a crispy tart shell as I love a good crunch. The homemade crunchy tart shell from Tartzan Bakery has a beautiful shade of golden brown and complements the creamy fillings so well. Even though I kept them in the fridge for a day, the tarts still remain crispy.

The flavors which I tried are Ondeh Ondeh, Mango Pomelo Sago, Chocolate.

Ondeh Ondeh

If you love Pandan and Coconut, please don't miss out their Ondeh Ondeh tart. It tastes amazing. It is extremely tasty with the rich flavours of each component coming together. From the cross section, you could see that it is crafted so exquisitely with layers of grated coconut, gula melaka and pandan custard. Interestingly, there is an added touch of avocado to seal the sweet treat. The pandan flavour is able to come through so distinctively as she uses homemade pandan extract. It is a little bit too sweet for me, but exceptional nonetheless. So well made!

I haven't tried Pandan Coconut from Tarte yet, but Tartzan Bakery's version is already so delicious. There's Pandan glutinous rice sponge, freshly grated coconut soaked in gula melaka, avocado mousse and pandan coconut whipped ganache.

Mango Pomelo Sago Tart

For Mango lovers, you need to their Mango Pomelo Sago dessert served in a tart. It is inspired by the contemporary Hong Kong dessert featuring Honey Mangoes. The custard cream is folded with fresh pomelo pulps and mango cubes. Even if you don't pour their home-cooked mango coconut sauce topped with sago pearls (served seperately), the Mango tart taste so good on its own. This is my favourite as I love the creamy custard filling which is generously topped with Mango cubes.

Chocolate tart

It might seem unasumming against the rest of the flavours. But it's a go ahead for chocolate lovers. Tartzan Bakery uses 70% Valrhona Guanaja in their smooth chocolate ganache. It is topped with chocolate cremeux and crunchy cacao nib nougatine. I love the velvety ganache that goes so well with the crunchy brittles.

Website: Tartzan Bakery

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