Syifa satay (food review)

No better place to get charcoal grilled satays from Syifa satay. It's tender, flavorful and so juicy! You have to bookmark this place for delicious Muslim food. It is easy to find good chicken satays, but not that easy to find an amazing rendition of mutton satays.

Each satay is well marinated then grilled over charcoal fire. It’s hard work to keep fanning them to achieve the smoky taste. Don’t skip on their peanut sauce, onions, cucumbers and ketupat to complete the meal. If you love seafood, they do a good job in their BBQ prawns (so fresh!).

Although their satays are the limelight, their mains are also very delicious. They have mee rebus, mee soto, soto ayam, tauhu goreng, gado gado etc. Tahu Goreng is also a classic dish to have. The deep fried Tofu complements the nutty sauce so well. It's one of my favourite dish to have with rice.

I love the generous ingredients of their Mee Soto, as there’s so much shredded chicken. The soup of their Mee Rebus is very robust and flavorful too.

Address: 08 Raffles Ave, #01-15C, Singapore 039802

Opening hours: 3-8.30pm (Tues-Sun)

Instagram: Syifa satay

Facebook: Syifa satay

Website: Syifa satay

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