Pita Bakery Singapore (food review)

Pita Bakery is a Middle Eastern bakery boutique that handmade their Pita Breads from scratch daily. They use an authentic recipe that has been passed down through the generations. That's why Pita Bakery serves only the best at their bakery. Currently, they are also throwing in free pita chips for orders above $40 (limited time only).

One of my favourite breads is pita bread as it is so soft yet dense at the same time. It goes really well with various spreads too. Glad to know that Pita Bakery sources their products and ingredients mindfully, with a priority on the aroma and taste.

There are different flavors for the pita bread. Regardless of what you choose, each bread is chewy, dense and soft. A fluffy cloud of goodness!

  • Garlic pita: Chopped garlic with extra virgin olive oil
  • Sesame topping pita: Mixed black and white sesame
  • Za'atar topping pita: Thyme herbs and roast sesame
  • Cajun: Spicy cajun

I am so addicted to their Pita chips! It's fried Pita with homemade seasoning. They are so crunchy and super addictive because of the seasoning. It's my first time trying pita chips and I love it so much. It tastes like baked bread.

My favourite spread from them is Babaganoush. It is incredibly flavorful, made with fire-roasted eggplant with tahini, lemon, chili, and garlic. Don't forget the classic spread - Hummus which is made from chickpeas. It's so thick and satisfying.

It may be hard to find falafels that are moist, not greasy and flavorful. So happy to come across these satisfying creations from Pita Bakery. It’s nutty, fragrant and crunchy. You can dip it in the spreads, or pair with the pita bread.

Address: 29 Bali Lane, Singapore 189865

Contact: (+65) 66356256

Opening Hours: 9am-9pm (Mon-Thu), 9am-9:30pm (Fri-Sun)

Instagram: Pita Bakery

Facebook: Pita Bakery

Website: Pita Bakery

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