New Fut Kai Vegetarian (food review)

New Fut Kai is an established Vegetarian restaurant that crafts out quality and innovative dishes. They have multiple chefs who have years of experience in creating sought-after vegetarian delights. If you want to indulge in wholesome, natural and quality vegetarian dishes, New Fut Kai is the go to place. I really love how the dishes are not flavored heavily to taste like real meat. It's prepared just the way I like - fresh ingredients, flavorful and delicious.

I highly recommend their charcoal hotpot and ala carte dishes which have plenty of nutritional ingredients that's good for your body and environment. Their comforting charcoal hotpot comes in these soup bases - Mushroom, Fish Head, Soy Miso, Beauty Coconut or 100 Beans. Click here to read about my hotpot experience!

"Shark Fin" soup

Great to indulge in a thick and nourishing soup with no damaging effects to the eco-system. I love peach gum, and am surprised to find it inside the soup. Definitely a yes to nutritional ingredients. There's also mushroom and shredded beancurd skin. I enjoy the taste of the soup on its own, but feel free to add vinegar and white pepper to make it tastier.

Charcoal sesame tofu

This is a signature dish and it's not surprising that it's a hit for us. Firstly, sesame and charcoal are used to prepare the exterior of the tofu (no colouring used!). The skin is crispy, light and not greasy. The tofu is jam packed with so many ingredients so it's really hearty and wholesome. There's butter pumpkin sauce, pine nuts and lily bulbs as well. I love pumpkin sauce with fried dishes, much more than salted egg sauce as it is much healthier. The choice of ingredients to prepare this signature dish is outstanding.

Vegetarian roast duck

This is a hand made traditional dish. I am quite used to having beancurd skin as a replacement for roast duck. What's surprising is that there's braised mushroom within the tofu skin. Love the contrasting texture of these 2 ingredients.

Mains: Xinghua fried beehoon & Olive fried rice

Xinghua fried beehoon - I enjoy the this incredibly thin bee hoon and the lightness of it. It's slightly crispy as well! You will find top quality seaweed, beancurd skin, vegetables, mushroom and crunchy peanuts inside. In case you are wondering, their standard of bee hoon is on par or even better to Putien's (who is known for this noodle dish).

Olive fried rice - Love the fragrance of olive in fried rice. I first tried olive fried rice from a Thai restaurant, and love the savory taste of it. You can tell how generous @newfutkai is with their plethora of ingredients. This is very delicious and worth getting if you are a fan of olives!

Address: 282 Jln Besar, Singapore 208945

Contact: (65) 6398 0836

Instagram: New Fut Kai

Facebook: New Fut Kai

Website:  New Fut Kai

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