Nasi Rempah from 9spicessg

The fried chicken with fragrant rice from 9spicessg is insanely delicious. A huge plus given that I received these dishes via a delivery.

I love my fried chicken to have an ultra crispy with a tender & juicy interior. The ones from 9spicessg are so yummy, and thoughtfully crafted!

I tried 4 yummy dishes, some never seen before dishes. Happy that their sides are as impressive as their mains. It's awesome that all items are uniquely created by them and very affordable.

Nasi Rempah with Chicken cutlet (boneless) $5

This is Singapore’s first Nasi Rempah! 9spicessg uses Rempah/9 spices to create their flavoured rice that tastes so amazing on its own. The rice is very fragrant and hit all the right notes for me. The long grain Basmati rice has the perfect texture, that is light and fluffy. Just having the rice with homemade sambal and tangy achar is already so satisfying!

Highly recommend to opt for this rice! The most indulgent part of the meal is their crispy chicken cutlet, which remains crunchy upon delivery. It is freshly prepared, and worthy of all the calories. Definitely have to get them ala carte, because one portion is not enough. It's really that good. The pairing of the tender meat and crispy skin are amazing.   

Singa Rice with Saba Fish $6

Their Saba Fish is tender and marinated very well. It's not salty and the taste is just perfect. I am actually not a big fan of soba and its meat can taste quite tough. I wouldn't get Saba Fish at a Korean food store, but I would at 9spicessg. For fish lovers, this is very well done! They also include hard-boiled egg, achar, sambal in the bento set. It's truly value for money, given the quality of the food being served. So flavorful and delicious!

Rosie Mochi $2 

If you are bored of Peanut Mochi, there's black sesame Mochi at some places. But Rosie Mochi? That's new! If you love Bandung, please don't skip on their Rosie Mochi. There's a light rose fragrance which is so appealing. Whoever knew that rose-flavored mochi would taste that good? The tender and soft mochi is irresistable, plus it is coated with a generous amount of peanuts.

Mala Broccoli $2

The fragrance hits hard man! This is a definite must try for mala lovers. The fragrance of Mala is so prominent. Paired with the crispy Broccoli, 2 sticks simply isn't enough.

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