Little Farms (food review)

Little Farms is a specialty grocery store with fresh and artisanal groceries . You can easily get the healthy and delicious ingredients from artisan foodmakers all around the world. They specialise in the highest quality and freshest all-natural and organic produce, meats, seafood, dairy and grocery.

At their Katong outlet, their Cafe and Bistro craft healthy and delicious meals and beverages too.

I had a great time shopping at their Holland Village outlet. It's a spacious shop and a great go-to destination for carefully selected and ethically sourced food.

Duck Rillettes

This savory dish is by Chef Julien (one of Singapore's leading French chefs). It is made with Duck Meat, Duck Liver, Duck Fat, Nitrite Salt & Seasonings. You can have it chilled, use it as a spread for your bread!

Byron Bay’s Crunchy Unsalted Peanut Butter

It's made with Queensland Hi-Oleic Peanuts. If you want to try something beyond the usual peanut butter, this is crunchy, savory and thick!

Goat Milk Yoghurt

I needed a change from my usual Greek yogurt! I chose this yogurt based on the nutritional value and sugar level! This tastes really light and creamy. There’s also Sheep Milk Yoghurt Mediterranean and Natural Sheep Milk Yoghurt Probiotic Culture

Free Range Pork Loin Medallions

Got a juicy slab of pork and not much seasoning is needed. l only used rosemary to infuse its flavor into the meat. Just pan-searing will do! Feel free to pair some side dishes with it. The meat is so flavorful despite minimal seasoning.

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