Kong Cafe

Kong Cafe is a great brunch and dining spot at King Albert Park! It's a cool cafe where you can enjoy the best of both worlds with dishes inspired both by Korean and Western Cuisines. You can find coffee, waffle and Korean selection easily. The food is fresh and the menu is the freshness is a creation by Hanna Mi, the brainchild behind Kong Cafe. She makes her own beef bulgogi, brownies & lemon ricotta cakes. Even the falafel and chutney are made from scratch! 

We got Kong Breakfast with add-ons of smoked salmon and avocado. It's a super hearty meal with sourdough bread, sausage, scrambled eggs and bacon which is cured in-house. Love that the food is amazingly wholesome and filling.

We also ordered Kong Cafe’s best selling dish: Savory Waffle with Fried Chicken+Scrambled Eggs! It's a perfect mix of sweet and savory in a dish. The spices of the fried chicken is pretty similar to KFC's, but the quality of the chicken used is better.

Don’t forget their smoothies! There's chocolate banana, oat banana, acai and green smoothie. I had Avonana smoothie as it is recommended by them. Love that only avocado and banana are blended with ice (no gula melaka which makes it healthier). It tastes so good even though I didn't add any honey.

Please don’t forget to try their desserts and pastry. We had cinnamon bread and it is yummy. Served slightly warm, and have the most amazing glaze with the sweetness from cinnamon and caramel which complements the fluffy and soft bread so well.

If you are a coffee lover, their flavored latte (mocha/caramel/vanilla/earl grey) sounds so good. The cafe is airy and spacious too! Whether you want to grab a bite or get a cup of coffee, it's the place to be.

Instagram: Kong Cafe

Facebook: Kong Cafe

Menu: Kong Cafe

Address: 896 Dunearn Rd #01-11 Singapore 589472

(right in front of King Albert Park MRT Exit B)

All day brunch from 9am - 5pm

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