Huevos Mexican Food

So glad to find a hidden gem that serves authentic Mexican food near Bugis! The selection of food at Huevos is so yummy and affordable. All the dishes are a hit for us - they have nachos, tacos, burrito bowls and quesadillas! Most importantly, you can find unique dishes & drinks that will keep you coming back for more.  

Surprisingly, my favourite is the Trinity Mushroom Quesadilla! It reminds me of grilled cheese and mushroom with toasted bread, but even better due to the thin and crispy crust! It’s so cheesy and satisfying. There’s Roasted Portabello Mushooms, King Oyster Mushrooms and Oyster mushrooms, Sweet Corn, their proprietary cheese blend, Chipotle Aioli, Poblano Crema and cotija cheese.

While waiting for your mains, dig into their loaded nachos which are generously topped with pulled pork & chicken, guacamole, pico salsa, chipotle mayo, pickled onions and cotija cheese. It’s healthier and great for sharing with your friends.

I usually go for burrito bowls instead of tacos. But the tacos from Huevos are really delicious. The marinated meat is so tender and flavorful! Al Pastor Pork Tacos and Chipotle chicken are a must try. If you prefer fish, their tacos with crispy battered fish, tri-veg, mango salsa and chipotle mayo are well-crafted! They are one of the rare few places that serve Birria beef which comes with a side of consume (you can dip the tacos into the soup). You will find slow cooked beef short rib, chorizo with cheese and fresh pico de gallo.

Al Pastor Pork Tacos: Spit grilled pork shoulder marinated in a pineapple citrus adobo marinade topped with pineapple jalapeno relish on a soft corn tortilla

Chipotle Con Pollo Taco (Chicken): Chipotle marinated Chicken topped with a spicy habanero hot sauce, fresh Guacamole, Cotija Cheese, Pico de gallo, & Pickled Onions

Baja Taco (Fish): Special in-house battered and fried cod fish on a bed of tri-veg topped with mango chipotle salsa and chipotle aioli

If you are a big eater, their burrito bowls are the one to go for! Love how there’s sour cream and guacamole inside. Do pair your yummy dishes with their drinks! We tried Jarritos in Guava flavor and it tastes so refreshing. Added a squeeze of lime (from the tacos) and it is extra delicious! 

It’s my first time trying Horchata (rice milk with cinnamon) and I love it so much. It’s homemade and the quantity may be limited so do go early! It’s not on the menu yet. I love that it is not too creamy.

803 North Bridge Road S198771

11am-3pm, 530pm-10pm (Closed: Mon)

Instagram: Huevos Mexican Food

Website: Huevos Mexican Food

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