Cumi Bali

Cumi Bali serves authentic Indonesian Food at their family run restaurant. They have a selection of delicious, traditional Balinese cuisine. The interior and decor brings about a friendly atmosphere and it is so spacious too. I love the dishes as they are simple, fresh and delicious. They have strict quality control over the ingredients! 

Be greeted with Keropuk Emping, their crispy Indonesian chips with their addictive Sambal Balacan (made fresh daily with 8 spices). It packs a really spicy punch!

If you love seafood, you absolutely have to try their Charcoal-Grilled Squid (Cumi Bali). It’s slathered with a rich and spicy blend of 26 spices that’s so flavorful. The squid is grilled to perfection and not chewy at all!  

Their beef rendang is one of the nicest version I tried so far (the fresh and unique blend of spices are excellent) The aromatic spices with a small amount of coconut milk goes so well with the tender beef chunks.

I enjoyed their Ayam Sate Madura so much as it is so tender and fragrant. It’s Javanese-style Chicken Satay with savoury and smoky flavors. The chicken meat is really chunky too!

A must order is their Ikan Bakar, as it is so unique! The spices are freshly pounded and handmade from scratch. The plump and tender fish is coated with a blend of 18 spices then grilled to perfection with banana leaf. This is essentially a whole fish bbq-ed in an otah paste. While the fish tasted super fresh, I was hoping for a stronger flavor from the otah paste.

We opted for fragrant and spicy sweet potato leaves to pair with their signature rice (Nasi Kunyit). It’s savoury Yellow Turmeric rice that’s made with 11 spices. 

Address: 50 Tras Street Singapore 078989

Contact: 93852116

Instagram: Cumi Bali

Facebook: Cumi Bali

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